Donal Jolley

Designer / Writer / Artist

Who Donal Is

Donal belongs to Beth since April of 1986 (lucky guy). He's dad to five kids, and lives next to Lake Lanier in the far northern suburbs of Atlanta. He shares his studio with Watson, an African Grey parrot who is fond of reminding him that "I... AM...THAT...BIIIIRRRRRRRRRD!" Donal has sometimes been seen torturing helpless creatures with his banjo.
Donal's Info
  • Name: Donal D. Jolley
  • Email:
  • Phone: (770) 519-0540
  • Atlanta, GA
  • United States
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What Don Does
Donal's one of those designer/artist/creative people who seemingly can do everything well. (Tip: Don't ask him to balance your checkbook.) His early interests in photography and graphic art lead to a decade of printing plant management before moving into a very successful graphic design career. Today Donal designs websites, paints, draws, and is currently working on his second book.
Don Does Art

Don Does Design

Don Does Writing

What Donal Would Like to do

Paint pictures of vehicles and planes
Starting as low as $500, Donal can paint a picture of your prized vintage vehicle or favorite plane. Makes an amazing and unique gift.
Cartoon for your company
Need a mascot, or perhaps an illustration for an advertisement or company promotion?
Other things designers do
Print work isn't as common as it used to be, and Donal's background makes him a powerfully potent print production powerhouse. Corporate identity? Sure thing. Websites and UI? Alright!

Reaching Donal

Best bet...send him an email. Donal hates talking on the phone, and really detests his cell phone in particular. He's pretty sure it's satanic.

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