A Designer and a Whole Lot More

A Focused Achiever

Donal's first commitment is to his family. Married to the love of his life, Beth, he knows that the cornerstone of his own happiness is the healthy relationship they've enjoyed over the past 30+ years. The lives of their five children reflect the values and work ethics Donal and Beth instilled in them as they grew, and each of them has become a person any parent would be most proud to call their own.
For recharging during down time, Donal loves to read and draw. It is not uncommon for him to start and finish several novels each month. His favorite authors are Alexander Dumas and Mark Twain. He plays a banjo (poorly), enjoys kayaking on Lake Lanier, and is especially good with young children. Donal volunteered his time and talent as a cartoonist at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for over seven years, drawing and clowning around with kids and their families at bedside.
Donal is pronounced the exact same way as "Donald", except without the "d" sound at the end. Donald is originally a Scottish name meaning "clan leader". "Donal" is an Irish derivative. It's unknown how it became a part of the Jolley family in the late 1800's, but it now spans five generations, starting with Donal's great-grandfather, Robert Donal. Donal's grandfather and father share the same first name and all were or are called "Don" by their friends and colleagues.

Good design isn't about making the prettiest package to deliver an idea. Good design moves an idea from one mind to another with great efficiency. This concept requires a designer to select the right tools and use them to the greatest advantage.

Effective marketing strategies consider a wide variety of options. Formulating an effective message isn't simply choosing the colors, shapes, fonts, and pictures for a website or brochure. Successful campaigns require understanding the big picture and breaking the individual components of ideas down to an effectively planned sequence of steps to be taken. Only then can the people, technologies, and design choices be put into motion to convince an audience to take economic action.

Donal's hands-on experiences run a wide gamut that includes brainstorming with clients, leading teams to produce a work product, teaching and training students and employees, and, of course, producing world-class design solutions for a wide variety of industries. With confidence, poise, and a keen wit, Donal's priorities of efficiency, honesty, impeccible work quality, and treating people well have made him not only a valuable asset to his clients, but created a long list of impressive friends and colleagues along the way.

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More Than a Designer

Multi-Faceted Creativity

A voracious appetite for learning matched with a drive to get things done is the reason Donal has such a full resume. Early interests in graphic design and photography lead to a career that has included managing prepress departments in high end commerical printing plants, teaching advanced design, design stints in numerous agencies, authoring articles and a book, business partnerships, and a remarkable portfolio of both design work, illustration, and digital art.

Print Design

For over twenty years, Donal has pushed the boundaries of design applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Web Design

Donal has designed websites from the ground up for over ten years. Working both on his own and as part of a team, Donal's comfortable sorting through code and building imagery.

Project Mangement

Donal's many years managing print and web projects make him a natural fit for any design team. From the initial planning sessions to launch, Donal knows what has to happen and when.


Donal is the co-author of "Beyond Digital Photography: Transforming Photos into Fine Art with Painter and Photoshop", published by PeachPit Press. He's done quite a bit of writing for clients over the years as well.

Fine Art

While it's often a surprise to people outside of the design field to learn many designers aren't good artist, it often surprises people within the design community how talented an artist Donal is.


Donal's not just good at the design end of things, but he's also a talented teacher. Comfortable in front of groups of any size, he can break down difficult subject matter and present it with passion and excitement.

Team Leader

From small groups to departments, Donal's been in key leadership positions in both volunteer and professional roles. He's lead departments, teams, classes, and small groups for over thirty years.

A People Person

The key to any good design is knowing how people work. Being able to "see the big picture" and other design buzz words really just comes down to being really good at seeing why people do what they do, and genuinely caring about them.

A Whole Lot of


Knowing a website or brochure needs to be done is easy. Knowing how to do it is a bit trickier. Knowing why to do it and what resources to use at the right time is the mark of a professional.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Dreamweaver
Corel Painter
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Word/Excel
Photoshop Supporting Software
Public Speaking
Photo Shoots
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